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Six Easy Pieces To Include When Building A Jewelry Wardrobe


From Left to right Sydney Evan diamond bracelet, Anabel Higgins signet ring, Tura Sugden chain. Photos: Sydney Evan, Anabel Higgins, Tura Sugden There was a time when the essentials of building a jewelry collection included classic diamond studs, a diamond solitaire pendant and a diamond line or tennis bracelet—all ageless, timeless and enduring pieces that […]

Everything’s Coming Up Flowers At The Sotheby’s In Bloom Exhibit

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From The Sotheby’s In Bloom exhibit and sale: A Pair of Silver-Topped Gold and Diamond Earclips, circa 1880; Silver-Topped Gold, Diamond and Demantoid Garnet Brooch, circa 1870 SOTHEBY’S Spring is finally here in NYC (hopefully ) and what better way to celebrate than to attend an exhibition and sale at Sotheby’s NY entitled In Bloom, a selling […]

The Style Of Earrings Every Woman Should Own

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There is nothing like the perfect stud.  And yes this is a jewelry story, therefore, I am talking about earrings here. Whether you are a recent graduate from high school or college, entering the workforce or starting to build your jewelry wardrobe, choosing the right studs should be fun and true to your individuality.  You […]

How To Transform Dated Diamond Pieces Into Stylish, Modern Jewels

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A gift from a loved one is always welcome and cherished, particularly if it represents a significant moment or occasion. But over the past decade, the same women who are purchasing jewelry for themselves are open to breathing new life into pieces that have been gifted to them but unworn for years. And isn’t spring […]

What Some Of The Top Antique And Vintage Dealers Are Showing During Las Vegas Jewelry Week

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Pat Saling from a variety of time periods PAT SALING Next week, from May 30-June 3, press and retailers will trek out to the desert heat of Sin City where the cha-ching of the slot machines, the flow of champagne and the shows on The Strip as well as in the hotels are upstaged by […]

Moonstones Are One of June’s Three Magical Birthstones

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Women born in June are lucky enough to have three enchanting birthstones from which to choose, pearl, alexandrite, and moonstone. Moonstone is my personal favorite and although I am a November girl, I still wear, enjoy the dreamy, radiant stone. I love that its history is filled with lore, legend and numerous meanings.  This intriguing […]

Why Vintage Engagement Rings Appeal To Modern Customers

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In February I wrote a story on how alternative bridal rings have become the new norm—how the indie market and emerging designer’s creativity ignited a movement in engagement rings 10-15 years ago that is going stronger than ever today. I talked about women wanting more individuality and wearing rings that speak about themselves rather than […]

Six Jewelry Designers That Should Be On Your Radar For 2019

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The jewelry industry is filled with designers who work in fine materials and position their lines as the collectibles of tomorrow. But how do you choose the rare talents with staying power, who create pieces you will want to wear for years to come when you are bombarded by new designers every day on Instagram? […]