Mother’s Day Gift Guide: The Best Floral Jewelry

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Why not say it ‘with flowers’ for Mother’s Day. But instead of giving live bouquets which are beautiful but might last only five days to a week, invest in the enduring beauty of floral jewelry. Whether you are purchasing for your mom, wife, daughter, grandmother, sister, aunt or BFF—these women that have had an impact on your life, guided you, offered wisdom, support and comfort as well as laughter and humor—deserve meaningful jewels that bespeak sentiment and your love for them.

For centuries designers have been capturing the essence of garden variety and exotic botanicals in a variety of different classifications of jewelry, bringing these flowers to life in precious metals and gemstones. Sometimes they appear in abstract forms while others are rendered in literal three-dimensional silhouettes and in every stage of growth from bud to full blossom.

Here we have picked antique and modern pieces that represent different blooms in gemstones and gold in a wide range of price points.

Lene Vibe Pearl With Tiny Floral And Diamond Accents. Photo: Lene Vibe

Lene Vibe pearl with tiny floral and diamond accents. Photo: Lene Vibe

Lene Vibe creates enchanting and magical jewels with various flowers and other creatures from the garden such as ladybugs, snails, rose thorns and then painstaking handsets them around baroque South Sea, Tahitian and other natural pearls and polished rough cut diamonds. Here is her 18K gold Tahitian flower pearl necklace. To keep it modern she contrasts her feminine, intricately detailed floral by hanging them on a handmade braided cord.

Karen Karch'S Reminiscent Rose

Karen Karch’s Reminiscent Rose


For the women in your life that understand the changing moods of dark and light, this Karen Karch Reminiscent Rose pendant is the piece she will most identify with. Karch’s unique aesthetic provides a rocker chic to even the most feminine of motifs. Here her three-dimensional rosebud, studded with black diamonds, is held by emerald-studded leaves. It swirls around from a thorny twining vine that knots and finishes with an emerald. This amulet symbolizing the bittersweet beauty of life.

Annette Ferdinandsen Calla Lily Earrings

Annette Ferdinandsen calla lily earrings


Annette Ferdinandsen’s delicate calla lily earrings, which mean ‘magnificent beauty in the ‘Language of Flowers’ are the perfect wear everyday drop earring in 18K yellow gold with diamond briolette drops. If the person you are purchasing them for has multi piercings in her lobes then these are perfect to go with longer styles and then add these to gradually have flowers climbing up the ear.

Gabriella Kiss Mosaic Earrings

Gabriella Kiss Mosaic Earrings


Gabriella Kiss’ passion for nature can be seen in many of her designs in abstract or organic forms and gemstones. In these earrings set in 18K yellow gold, she has gone one step further, enhancing her collection with the beauty round purple floral mosaics. They are bezel set with a signature scallop and accented with garnet drops.

Doyle &Amp; Doyle Georgian Heart And Flower Locket

Doyle & Doyle Georgian heart and flower locket


Who could ask for more than hearts and flowers on this extremely sentimental day of the year? And who could pass up this Georgian locket, which is in pristine condition while shopping for the antique collector in your life? It is tricolor with chased foliate rose, leaf and scroll motifs in 14k pink, green & yellow gold. If you are an antique enthusiast yourself, this one might be one you purchase for you while shopping for others.


Jennifer Meyer Five Flower Necklace

Jennifer Meyer five flower necklace


Jennifer Meyer’s 18K gold five flower necklace takes its inspiration from the forget-me-nots of the Victorian time periods. During the 19th century, these were often rendered with turquoise gems for luck and to represent the color of the forget-me-not flower. Meyer interprets this feeling of always having someone close in a dainty bar style necklace with white diamond centers.

Ruta Reifen Cluster Bouquet Earrings

Ruta Reifen cluster bouquet earrings


Ruta Reifen earrings blossom with a vivid cluster of color in 14K gold settings.  Deep reddish pink and light pink sapphires create this bouquet that rests on the ear. These are feminine and beautifully executed without being too girly or frilly.

Page Sargisson English Garden Pendant

Page Sargisson English Garden pendant


Page Sargisson began her business with the lost art of using found object to create handmade wax carvings. One of her mainstays of the collection has been Indian textile and woodblocks which then get stamped into her handmade wax models, using the most unusual and intricate designs found within them. Here is an English floral design in 10K gold.

Silvia Furmanovich Pendant

Silvia Furmanovich pendant


For the women who desire one-of-kind or limited edition pieces that combine artistry, ancestry, tradition and nature, Silvia Furmanovich combines all of this and more in one piece of her exquisite Marquetry collection of jewelry. Pictured here is a pendant that features the floral marquetry work with light brown diamonds and 18K gold.

Metier Paris Carnation Locket From The Victorian Era

Metier Paris Carnation locket from the Victorian Era

Alexandra Hutchings from Metier Paris carries only the rarest and precious antique jewelry at fair prices. Here we feature a locket (in which every woman should own to keep photos, secret memories and just about anything she wants to carry close to her heart). Victorian lockets are steeped in the sweetness of meaning; thus it has become keepsake jewelry. Here is 18K gold locket with a raised silver carnation set with rose cut diamonds. For the Victorians, carnations represented love, fascination, and distinction.

Sofia Zakia Earrings

Sofia Zakia earrings


“The rose is the handmaiden of love and her peaceful fragility casts a radiance over the world like the night’s sky,” says Sofia Zakia. Inspired by her affinity for the earth and sky, Zakia continues, “I combined the two to create the Celestial Rose, whose lovely promise is similar to that of the stars, ever glimmering of magic and worlds unknown to meet.” The design features a rose with a string of diamond constellations along its stem.

Sofia Kaman Language Of Flower Collection

Sofia Kaman language of flower collection


Sofia Kaman combines romance and whimsy in her Antique-Inspired Turquoise and Diamond Flower Ring. It is the creative designer’s interpretation of a twinkling forget-me-not flower that wraps playfully around the finger. Says Kaman, “I find this flower to be charming in it’s the naïve quality of five rounded petals and its meaning—a symbol of remembering the one you love and always keeping them close. This ring is set with turquoise petals, old mine cut diamond center and single-cut diamond accented leaves. “This is one flower that will never grow old! “

Pendant From Gold Hatpin. Photo: Gold Hatpin

Pendant from Gold Hatpin. Photo: Gold Hatpin

Floral motifs flourished in the Art Nouveau period and this  fine example with impeccable enamel of a basket of flowers, with border of enamel on a textured gold background from Gold Hatpin.