Moonstones Are One of June’s Three Magical Birthstones

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Women born in June are lucky enough to have three enchanting birthstones from which to choose, pearl, alexandrite, and moonstone.

Moonstone is my personal favorite and although I am a November girl, I still wear, enjoy the dreamy, radiant stone. I love that its history is filled with lore, legend and numerous meanings.  This intriguing stone is part of the feldspar family, the rarest of these gems originated in Sir Lanka, but moonstones can be found in a diverse range of countries. The stones have a crystal structure that shimmers as light rays are refracted and scattered within the gem. The effect is called adularescence. The more shimmer the stone has, the more valuable it is. Exceptional and rare deep blue moonstones are the highest quality and they are often mesmerizing in their deep color that seems to wondrously change as you move the stone around. Rainbow moonstone is another version that ranges in quality, the best of which flashes with shades of green, blue, purple and pink and reflects its own charm and character.

Blue Moonstones From Blue Moon (Agta Show Las Vegas)

Rainbow Moonstones From Blue Moon (Agta Show Las Vegas)


For the past several years, blue, rainbow and what is known as rainbow sheen moonstone (a little more on the opaque and more affordable side) continue to be popular in all classifications of jewelry and they continue to attract emerging and established designers attention. During jewelry week in Las Vegas, designers at Couture and Premier worked with different shapes and cuts from larger polished cabochons to smaller and newer shapes in moonstone of marquise, pear, baguette, hexagon, rose and faceted cuts.

This mystical gem was also present at the Las Vegas Antique Jewelry & Watch Show in styles that ranged from Victorian through Art Nouveau, Edwardian and mid-20th century. And, they can are being interpreted by a wide range of international designers and featured in stores throughout the U.S.

An Enamel And Rose Diamond Victorian Snake Bracelet With A Moonstone Head (The Las Vegas Antique Jewelry &Amp; Watch Show)

An enamel and rose diamond Victorian snake bracelet with a moonstone head (The Las Vegas Antique Jewelry & Watch Show)


Moira Jewelry Diamond Surround Moonstone Cufflinks From The Turn Of The Century (The Las Vegas Antique Jewelry &Amp; Watch Show) Phoro: Moira Jewlelry

Moira Jewelry diamond surround moonstone cufflinks from the turn of the century (The Las Vegas Antique Jewelry & Watch Show)

Lang Antiques' Art Nouveau Moonstone Pendant Necklace (Las Vegas Antique Jewelry &Amp; Watch Show) Photo: Lang Antiques

Lang Antiques’ Art Nouveau moonstone pendant necklace (Las Vegas Antique Jewelry & Watch Show)

In addition to its effervescent personality, moonstones attract both designers and consumers due to their storied past. Since they were discovered, they were held in high esteem.  Variations on the theme of romance and passion as well as protection and luck are all part of the mystical properties of the gem.

The magic of moonstones is associated with the glittery stars and the ‘light of the silvery moon’ set, a glow in the evening sky. Additionally, moonstone definitely reflects its namesake’s ethereal reputation throughout different time periods and cultures. From antique to modern jewelry, these gems offer intriguing beauty and equally captivating significance.

The Romans believed that the stone was a solid ray of moonlight filled with good fortune. In India it was sacred, given as a traditional wedding gift; while Middle Eastern cultures present it to couples to ensure fertility and a big happy family. From the East to the West, the moonstone’s main attribute is love. And one of my favorites beliefs about the gem is that that if you put a moonstone in your mouth and gaze out at a full moon you will be able to foretell the future of your romantic life. Other legends include bringing a parted lover back to you, or when two people meet during a full moon and one is wearing a moonstone, they will fall passionately in love. It is also associated with promoting harmony and a happy future among couples.

Lang Antiques Double Heart Brooch With Ribbon On Top(Las Vegas Antique Jewelry And Watch Show.photol Lang Antiques

Lang Antiques double heart brooch with ribbon on top(Las Vegas Antique Jewelry and Watch Show

As if that wasn’t enough, moonstones were worn for centuries by travelers for protection and to guide them in the evening hours. They allow one to open up to understanding their own character as well as others and to reveal emotions. They are also associated with hope. Could you ask for anything more in a gemstone?

Independent and renowned brands are creating pieces that range from lyrical to celestial to streamlined Art Deco silhouettes.

Here are some more of my favorites from Las Vegas Jewelry Week as well as pieces found in the market and leading designer retailers

Theresa Kaz Heart Shaped Moonstone Pendant

Theresa Kaz Heart Shaped Moonstone Pendant


Lang Antiques 19Th Century Moonstone Necklace. Photo Lang Antiques

Lang Antiques 19th Century Moonstone necklace. Photo Lang Antiques

Paul Morelli Moonstone And Diamond Ring. Photo; Quandrum Gallery

Paul Morelli Moonstone and diamond ring. Photo; Quandrum Gallery

Brooke Gregson Floral Ring Of Moonstone And Sapphires. Photo: Brooke Gregson

Brooke Gregson Floral ring of moonstone and sapphires. Photo: Brooke Gregson

Linda Hoj Designs Moonstone Ring In High Karat Gold With Granulation Work. Photo: Linda Hoj

Linda Hoj Designs Moonstone ring in high karat gold with granulation work. Photo: Linda Hoj

Anthony Lent Moon Earrings With Moonstones, Opals And Emeralds. Photo: Anthony Lent

Anthony Lent moon earrings with moonstones, opals and emeralds. Photo: Anthony Lent

Vram Moonstone Center Ring With Grey Diamonds And Blue Sapphires

VRAM moonstone center ring with grey diamonds and blue sapphires


Pamela Zamore Rainbow Moonstone Earrings Set Into 18K Gold. Photo Pamela Zamore.

Pamela Zamore rainbow moonstone earrings set into 18K gold. Photo Pamela Zamore.


Nam Cho Rainbow Moonstone Ring. Photo: Nam Cho

Nam Cho Rainbow moonstone ring. Photo: Nam Cho


Annette Ferdinandsen Moonstone Drop Earrings

Annette Ferdinandsen moonstone drop earrings


Alberian &Amp; Aulde Morningstar Moonstone Ring. Photo: Alberian &Amp; Aulde

Alberian & Aulde Morningstar moonstone ring. Photo: Alberian & Aulde


Brooke Gregson Rainbow Moonstone And Opal Earrings

Brooke Gregson rainbow moonstone and opal earrings


Amali Jewelry Moonstone Pendant

Amali Jewelry moonstone pendant