How To Keep Silver Jewelry Shiny

How to keep your sterling silver jewelry shiny and never fade or turn green?

Sterling silver ring turning black? Has this happened to you with any other sterling silver, or base metal (costume jewelry) rings? Has the ring come into contact with sweat or any chemicals (like cleaning sprays)? Did you wash your hands or shower wearing it? Remember that silver is nowhere near as durable as gold alloys when exposed to elements (I’ve seen some horrible oxidation and pitting on sterling silver jewelry that’s never been taken off).New 1Ct 14K Gold Plated Princess Halo Moissanite Engagement Rings Princess Cut

Many people like silver, but they don’t know how to maintain it. They even think that silver is difficult to maintain. This is not the case. Silver is less chemically stable than platinum and gold and is often blackened or yellowed and tarnished by oxidation of water or other chemicals in the air. How to keep silver jewelry from tarnishing? After understanding this characteristic, we only need to spend a little thought and rules for wearing jewelry in our daily life. You can make your own silver jewelry shiny forever.

It’s easy to be unconscious when you’re sleeping. Jewelry has shape and hardness, and may be distorted by the body rotation. If the jewelry is precious stone, it is easy to break, so it is best to take it off when sleeping.

Silver charms for expandable bracelets and rings are best not worn to sleep, especially pure silver name bracelets. If it is convenient, it is best to take it off. The silver jewelry worn on the hands is too warm and high temperature in quilt. Especially some people will sweat, which will accelerate the oxidation of the silver jewelry and easy to change color. Wearing jewelry to sleep is also very uncomfortable, it’s best to sleep in a relaxed position, which is good for sleep quality.


Why your skin turn green?

It’s definitely not because it’s faulty, it could be your body’s reaction to the silver. Sterling silver is 7.5 percent copper, when it comes in contact with your skin, a chemical reaction occurs that causes the green color. This reaction happens more commonly with sterling silver than with gold. And why my sterling silver will turn black ? Sterling silver jewelry become darkens due to a reaction with gases in the air.

Moissanite Engagement Ring Set Moissanite Wedding Band Engagement Ring Moissanite Jewellery RackIs there any way to avoid these problems? How to do it ? 1. Clean the inside of the ring thoroughly (and not just with a cloth, and NOT with soap, toothpaste or anything that would leave buildup). Sometimes that helps. 2. Clear nail polish is what I would usually recommend to someone with a reaction but who still wants to wear their jewelry. However, it will wear off, especially if you wear the ring constantly and/or sweat.You can coat the inside of the ring with clear nail-polish. And the ring will never turn your skin green again and this way also keep your sterling piece in shiny and well condition!

Clean the silverware and make it shine!

Silver cloth

A special silver cloth that is cheap and effective. When you buy a jewelry, you will usually send a silver cloth. Rub the oxidized silver necklace with a cloth and it will sparkle again soon.


Squeeze the toothpaste onto a soft toothbrush, brush the oxidized silver jewelry back and forth, pay attention not to touch the water when the brush is used, and don’t put it on the faucet while flushing it, then the silver jewelry will become as bright as the new one.


You can use the cola that we usually drink, soaking the oxidized silver jewelry into the cola.After about 12 hours, take out the necklace and wash it with water, dry it and it will shine as new.

Sour vinegar

Use a small towel to dip the sour vinegar and wipe the oxidized silver jewelry. Rub it back and forth, and slowly the oxidized color will disappear, leaving a shimmering appearance.

Overnight tea

Use a cup of overnight tea, preferably strong tea, put in the oxidized silver jewelry and take it out until it is white.

Silver wash water

If the above methods can not wash the oxidized substances, you can use the silver washing liquid. Pay attention to the time must not be too long, the corrosion ability of the silver washing liquid is very strong, the general oxidation of the silver necklace for one minute is enough. Don’t use silver washing liquid too often, it’s not good for jewelry color and body.

Old craft silver jewelry

Use a silver cloth to wipe or use toothpaste to wash and restore the brightness. Remember not to use washing liquid to clean it, otherwise it will destroy the do old process.